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Dr Slack is experienced in providing specialist expert reports & advice for medico-legal cases. He receives instructions from Solicitors for both claimant and defendent, together with joint instructions and group actions. He has appeared in court as an expert witness, and in 2010 and 2013 successfully represented  patient groups suffering from complications secondary to vaginal mesh in a large class action held in court in the USA. He is regularly consultated by lawyers in the USA for his expert opinon on mesh in gynaecological surgery. He has consulted for NHS Scotland on the use of mesh in Gynaecological Surgery.


His areas of expertise are urogynaecology, the use of mesh in surgery & the management of most benign gynaecological conditions.


Medicolegal Instruction


Dr Slack is available for medico-legal work including the preparation of expert reports, telephone or conference calls, meetings, and attendance in Court if required.


To make inquiries or instruct Dr Slack please contact his PA, Gabriella White, on 01223 902921, or  send an email to info@markslackgynaecologist.org.uk with a brief summary of the case.  In the majority of cases the Expert Report can be completed within 12 weeks, however this may vary according to the complexity of the case, other cases that have been accepted, and the need to gather further evidence or arrange meetings or clinical consultation.


Terms and conditions will be available on request.


Cambridge UK